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Jane Heirich


• BA, choral conducting and piano performance, Earlham College, Richmond IN, 1955
• MA Music, Harvard University, 1957
• Bel canto vocal pedagogy and performance study with Marjorie Allen, Los Altos CA, 1964-74
• Personal study of vocal anatomy, physiology, and acoustics.

Alexander Technique

• Alexander Technique lessons with Joyce Suskind, New York City, 1975-77
• Trained as AT teacher with Joan and Alex Murray, Urbana IL, 1982-1987
• Certified teaching member of STAT and AmSAT since 1987.


The Journey

Jane's work as a choral conductor first led her to the study of vocal pedagogy, which in turn led to years of study of vocal anatomy, physiology, and vocal acoustics.

Her longtime interest in the whole mind/body system and its effect on the voice led her to integrate these two pedagogical traditions: the 250 year old bel canto vocal tradition, and the 100-plus years of Alexander Technique teaching.

These two educational processes intersect appropriately and they can apply to all of us, not just professional voice users (singers, actors, lawyers, lecturers, sales persons, motivational speakers, and even square-dance callers).

Master Class Interviews with Jane conducted by Caroline Holden, Montreal Alexander teacher, singer, and voice teacher:

"Jane Heirich is the reason I became an Alexander Technique teacher. She is one of only a handful of voice teachers who fully integrate the work into voice lessons. I was honoured and thrilled when she agreed to an interview by me, and am excited to share it with all of you."

Masterclass Interview Part 1

Masterclass Interview Part 2

Available courtesy of www.carolineholden.ca