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Voice and the Alexander Technique:  Active Explorations for Speaking and Singing

Third Edition, May 2022

"I can highly recommend this book to all voice users and singers; and since we all use our voices, it can be recommended to everyone.  The connexion between the Alexander Technique and Voice is not accidental; it was his enquiry into the causes of misuse of his voice and respiration that led Alexander to devise his Technique.  That Technique has been tested and proved by scientists and professional voice users for over a hundred years.  Unfortunately it requires careful individual instruction to master. Jane Ruby Heirich, our author, received her training from the hands of two of the most experienced teachers in the U.S.A., Joan and Alex Murray, both former students of mine.  I was so fortunate as to receive mine from Mr. F. Matthias Alexander himself.  I think that he would not only have approved, but taken pleasure in this handsome volume.  It is the product of Mornum Time Press, the proprietor of which, Jerry Sontag, is also an experienced and skillful teacher of the Technique."
- the late Walter Carrington, London teacher

"After reading Jane Heirich's, 'Voice and the Alexander Technique; Active Explorations for Speaking and Singing' it was clear to me what I wanted to do.My goal was to become a better voice teacher; one who not only understood the voice, but also the subtle workings of the body.  I began training to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique and it forever changed my singing world.  Every sense was heightened, every observation was fuller, and the work we got to do in the AT training class on a daily basis was invaluable.  With all the new knowledge I had acquired about the body, combined with the already 20 years of vocal training and performing, I was now able to integrate those elements at one lesson for my students.  It's been a wonderful gift, and I've seen great changes in my students and in myself. Thank you Jane for your inspiration!"
Caroline Holden, Montreal teacher

"For singers and pedagogues with no prior exposure to the Alexander Technique, 'Voice and the Alexander Technique' is an outstanding first text.  For those who have been previously introduced to the Technique, the book is an excellent guide to incorporating Alexander work with traditional voice pedagogy."
- Debra Greschner, Journal of Singing, NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing)

Also by Jane Heirich:  "Miracles Usually Can't Be Learned", a basic voice technique text.  Self-published, revised 1992.